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Global Future Solutions

We’re an Australian owned company operating in the fields of Bio Medics and Bio Remediation. Utilising Green Chemistry, we produce economically priced, non-toxic, and sustainable antibiotic, antibacterial, and enzyme products.

GFS was established in early 2009 with the mission of becoming a leader in sustainable and innovative products that are ethical and environmentally friendly. Since then we have grown rapidly, incorporating a New Zealand partnership, and in 2011, expanding into the US to build research and development facilities and extend the reach of our products.

Our product range continues to reach further around the world as we work with our distributors throughout a growing list of countries including Singapore, Korea, UAE, and PNG.
This global network and our expanding manufacturing capabilities are helping us to become a significant global contributor to a clean, green and safe world.

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Our Management team

We’ve brought people together from all over the world who offer practical experience in fields ranging from oil and gas to agriculture. Our team members have completed hundreds of projects, having established and maintained important relationships with top industry experts and leading government entities in several major countries.

a photo of Paul

Paul Smyth

Managing Director

Paul has a wealth of experience in business management. With a background in the gas and oil industry, construction and in real estate, his combined service as a director in the workforce exceeds 20 years. His ethical approach to any situation and being able to assess quickly and calmly any situation that he comes across is exceptional and his experience is second to none.

Having been involved with the GFS Company since it first began he has his eyes set on the future direction of the business and to have an impact on the world like no other company has before.

Like any successful director, Paul has been able to create key relationships with people in all facets of the workforce both in Australia and Internationally which will aid him in pursuing his goal and to be at the forefront of an emerging company.

a photo of Graeme

Graeme Paine


Graeme is a Geologist and Mining Engineer with 42 years of experience in the mining, oil and gas, quarrying and civil construction industries in Australia, South East Asia, Africa, South America and Pacific Rim. The past 23 years have been as a self-employed mining and geotechnical engineering consultant and contractor. Previously he spent 17 years employed by ICI Australia Operations Pty Ltd, Explosives Division in Technical Marketing and Management.

Graeme is Director of Coral Seas Mining Services (PNG), a drilling and blasting and civil works contractor in Papua New Guinea, currently responsible for corporate strategy, occupational health and safety, finance, negotiation of current and new contracts and the formation of joint ventures with other interested parties for the purpose carrying out new contract works.

Graeme is also directly involved in the trialling and performance evaluation of GFS BioProtect™ products in Papua New Guinea and South-East Asia

A photo of Wally

Harold Smyth


Harold has had extensive experience in both the private and public sectors over many years. His experience in the private sector is largely to do with the provision of consulting services and management of mechanical services projects and installations. He also has current small business management expertise enhancing customer intimacy.
His public sector experience is in the provision of adult education within the TAFE Institute system. This includes membership of the Institute Council and Audit Committee, management of several National projects and various management roles including Campus Manager.

Harold has very good interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic and is a team player. He is not afraid to move out of his comfort zone and encourages others to do so. Harold brings his experience from these roles to GFS, providing strong senior management direction.

a photo of Michael

Michael Bralkowski


Mike is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, where he earned his degree in Chemical Engineering.

Mike has 37 years experience in the manufacture of specialty chemicals, polymers, pharmaceutical and microbiologicals. He has manufactured chemicals for oil corrosion, paint, polymer, cosmetics, drugs and remediation of hydrocarbons. Mike has further assisted on the design and building of a polymer facility and a specialty biocide facility.

a photo of Tony

Tony Brennan


Tony has 20 years experience in the mining and drilling industry throughout many countries around the world including Europe, Africa and in particular the Asia Pacific region.

Tony exhibits exceptional project management skills and has held many high level managerial roles throughout his working career, including company director. With many contacts and a keen interest in the Asia pacific region, Tony offers clients the hands on experience to confidently prescribe remedies, products and application types which are particularly suited to the mining, gas and oil industries.

a photo of Mike

Mike Roughan


Mike joins GFS as an advisory board member with over 30 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. His vast experience in this industry will allow GFS to become recognised as a company offering environmentally sustainable solutions specifically for the Oil and Gas industry.
Mike has lived and worked in many parts of the Middle East and South East Asia bringing a thorough understanding of the issues when working in these environments to GFS.

Throughout his career Mike has also been involved with the start-up and management of a fluids recycling facility, investigating the recycling of all drilling fluids. Early in Mike’s career he was a Mud Engineer were he often started up operations in remote and hostile locations.

Global aid

GFS visited Haiti after the Earthquake in January 2010. GFS tested the area for bacteria and results showed extreme risks of infection. The dining areas and hospitals areas came back with the highest readings of bacteria. GFS fogged the tested sites with GFS BioProtect™ Surface Spray Disinfectant, Hospital Grade and in all cases the bacterial count dropped by more than 90% leaving the areas safe from infection. GFS then supplied the camps with the GFS BioProtect™ antimicrobial product range and have significantly reduced the cross contamination of communicable diseases, especially Cholera.

GFS has also been working in Haiti to remove the odour from the latrine pits with the GFS BioProtect™ enzyme range. Initial results have shown a significant decline in odour within 1-2 days and a decline in the volume of solids.